This is a community warning about First National Realestate Australia. This is forward warning for individuals considering purchasing a property through first national Coffs Harbour or renting a property through First National Coffs Harbour.

First National Coffs Harbour collude with police forces and once you have entered a contract with them they will betray you and your property will be raided. You may loose your home if you have purchased a property, or you may be evicted.

First National Coffs Harbour work hand in hand with police forces and are involved in corrupt dealing and are implicated in crimes against humanity and genocide.

If you enter into a commercial contract with First National you are extreme risk of loss. We highly advise against renting or buying from First National.

First National May receive kick backs from corrupt police officers in order to defraud home buyers and renters, and like other Australians who have lost properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars through corrupt government action, your risk of loss is much higher if dealing with First National.

This is our first coverage of the corruption present in First National agency in Australia but we intended to further our coverage and include information about the directors and agents.